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Looking for Photo - F-4J 153834

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Looking for Photo - F-4J 153834

This post is on behalf of a prospective new member.  Maybe someone has captured this airframe along the way?

"I flew 153834 at NAS Miramar CA. at VF-121 in October 1970 while assigned to VX-5. I am missing a photo of the F4J and wish to obtain one to finish out my memoires of the Phantoms I have flown. Possibly someone has a photo and would like to email a copy to me. I would be eternally grateful."

 Bill Stein, Ltcol USMS (Ret).

Note:  I did find this on the internet: 153834 (MSN 2202) with VF-121 crashed into Pacific Ocean after bad launch off USS Independence Apr 10, 1973.

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