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Looking for squadron and pilot info

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Del Laughery
Looking for squadron and pilot info

Hello, everyone.  I'm new to the society but wanted to post right away.  I'm a 21-year Navy submariner who grew up on SAC bases in the 60s and 70s, and am an avid photographer.

I hold a 1970 photo of an F-4 being refuelled from a KC-135.  The F-4 has commander stripes on the fuselage and fuel tanks, but I haven't been able to nail down the squadron, or wing, that the color pattern in the stripes connects to.  Based on some photos I've seen, believe it could be 469th TFS/388th TFW out of Korat, or 344th TFS/388 TFW also out of Korat.  Ultimately, I'm looking to figure out who's flying the plane in the hopes of connecting with him long enough to provide a copy of the photo.  

There's no money involved.  Just one vet reaching out to another.

Looking at the close-up photo, it's clear that the crew chief's name is G Meyer.  The pilot's name is more difficult.  I can read "COL", then there are two initials believed to be "J M" then I can't read a thing.

Were this the squadron CO of the 34th or 344th TFS, I could possibly determine who that was at the time, but again, I'm not certain that the stripes connect to either of those units.

Any perspective you might be able to provide would be most welcome.  

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