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Marking Question - Carswell 1983

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4G FlightOps
Marking Question - Carswell 1983

I am building an RC model of F-4D 66-8756 while it was at Carswell AFB in 1983.  There is a circular marking on the left intake that I can't find detail on and wondering if anyone knows what the marking is or what it is made up of?  Similar to a crilce of stars but not sure.  Can't find any other pics except those attached here - 2nd pic has an arrow pointing to subject marking.

Thanks in advance for your expetise and thoughts.


F-4D 66-8756

Good evening,

sorry but I can't find your attached pictures.... would you please attache them again or is it my mistake and my homepage setup is incomplete?

Hope we can help.

vietnam vet
Marking question - Carswell

I don't see any pics either.

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