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Need help finding a homemade F-4 movie

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Aj Manor
Need help finding a homemade F-4 movie

Hello everyone, 

my name is Aj and I need the society's help. I figure this is the only place I have a chance at finding what I'm looking for. 

My father was a WSO with the 526Th in the early 80s. while there he acquired a video from a squadron mate entitled "Days of Knights". This video was a cornerstone of my childhood. My father went on to fly F-16s and B-1s before retiring a LtCol And was my greatest inspiration to become a pilot. I'm sad to say that we can no longer find this video after moving several times. Needless to say my father is distraught over the inability to find this video. Is there anyone here that was with the squadron at that time and has any idea what I'm talking about? 

Thank you for your time and any information is helpful.

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