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First got my hands on a Phantom late '70 when I was transfered to DaNang from Tan Son Nhut AB Saigon. I had worked on F106A my first two years, and 101C in Saigon, so was helping other crewchiefs 'learn me up' waiting for a plane of my own. I think it was about 3 weeks, a 'stranger' without our identifier "LA" taxi's up our revetment row and shuts down. She was a brand new '69 model right out of Saint Louie. Everybody on the flightline thought they had dibs on this one. A couple days later my flight chief told me it was mine!. Nobody on that line was happy= new guy gets new I think I remember that plane had 15-16 hours on it. F4E 69-7555 NICE! I had a cool pilot named Capt. White. Cant remember his first name, and havent had any luck trying to locate him through the regular channels. Left VietNam in late Sept. and was reassigned to Nellis for my last year. At Nellis, I got another E model that had just come out of depot after an inflight engine fire. It was kinda ratty looking, but flew well. I think it was the equivilent of todays RAT ROD with a huge engine, haha! The AF TBirds were stationed at Nellis and were still flying F4s then, and we would 'loan' them our workhorses to practice with while theirs were in the shop getting spiffed for next years season. You crewchiefs know we were a little cocky, about 5 steps below a fighter pilot!! That was a GREAT job.

F-4 Ride

One of my DaNang CC buddies just sent me this, but forgot to enclose the gift card.

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