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New ECM guy reporting

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New ECM guy reporting

I just found this site through an ad in the IPMS magazine.  I worked on the F4E, RF4C and a little on the F4D at Udorn in '73-74 and then finished out at Shaw on the RF4C until April of '76.  Worked on BUFF's for 3 months at Beale before my one year all expense paid vacation to sunny SEA.  When I got there they asked if I was shop or flightline, replied shop (had enough of flightline hoisting 150 lb ooil sllick boxes 8 feet overhead).  Was told would probably see some line work anyway.  They took the new arrivals on a tour of the ramps and revetments....pulled up in front of an "E", stuck my head out the door of the bread van and looked right down the muzzels of the gatling, looked right and left to the wingtips, back at the driver, the aircraft, and driver.  He asked what was wrong, I said "I thought B-52's were bigger than this"  Upshot was I spent the next 9 months in the ALQ71 shop.

At Shaw I was grrave supervisor as an E4, Red "X" qualified and had both my career and field "7levels" and a line for E5 when I got out.

Am currently building kits in 1/32 scale of an RF that was at Udorn when I ws there and of a D that I have a decal set for to be done as 67-463.  I missed getting pics of her before she got repainted and redeployed.  Also missed getting pics of the Nickles Squadron CO's Jeep.  Had "555th TFS-Largest Distributor of MIG Parts in SEA" on the drivers door.

I really miss the old girl and it's sad to see she is gone.


Welcome!  Hope to see you at PhanCon.

Wish that was possible.  Too

Wish that was possible.  Too far and not in the cards.  Stopped at that base back in '73 on the way to SEA to look up a room mate from tech school.  He was already TDY at either Korat or Ubon.

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