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New member intro.


 I'm really glad to have found this site. My dad built Phantoms at McDonnel Douglas since the early 60's and he  really got me hooked on them at an early age with all of the pics, books, collectables and stuff. I'm a 30 year AF retiree and and have worked extensively with A-7's, A-10's, F-15's, and F-16's...but only a few months with the Phantom at Keflavik while they phased them out in favor of the E-model Eagle. The Phantom still fascinates me the most by far. I had a great time checking them out at the Red Flags during my stint at Nellis. And I can't get enough of the F-4 dogfight stories from 'Nam. I've even got a couple of cockpit instruments glowing nice and red on my computer desk. Looking froward to lots of good information, and maybe even a PhanCon in the future.


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