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Office colors

I am currently building the Tamiya F4D 1/32 kit as 67-463 to eventually be in the Vereran's Home here.

The color callout is for a light "sky grey" for most of the pit, with black instruments and such.  I know I'm getting old, forgetful, and senility is creeping in at a dead sprint, but I seem to remember most of the pit on the D,E, and RF's back in the early/mid 70's as rather a dark grey or black with the control boxes and instruments as either black or textured black finish. 

 Recommendations, suggestions, whatever???



Daniel Crowley
Office colors


I've used Testors Dark Gull Gray or Dark Ghost Gray for the cockpit tub and side walls with flat black, interior black and gloss black for the instruments and consoles.

Best regards and Happy Modeling!

Donald Avey
Office Colors

I am certain the "official" color was FS 36231, then called Dark Gull Grey.  Most hobby paint lines have the color, I prefer the Model Master Acrylic from Testors myself. But anything similar should do.

Thank you gentlemen.  Good to

Thank you gentlemen.  Good to know I haven't totally lost it.  I usually use mostly MM acrylic as that is the easist to get here.

Appreciate it-


Got another question for 67

Got another question for 67-463.  I have seen one pic taken at Korat on a stopover there, that looks like she had the external mirrors on the WSO's canopy.  At least looks like the right side and possibly the left, but the top of the canopy looks clean.  Can anyone verify if she had them or not?  Just want to get her right.  She also has a firebee drone kill marked on her as well on the intake ramp along with her 6 stars.



Mark Veile
463 External Mirrors

In checking photos in Osprey #55 USAF F-4 Phantom II MiG Killers 1972-73, it does not look like external mirrors were installed on 463.  There are 2 period photos, one before the Mig kills and one after, with 6 stars, and both show no external mirrors.  I would leave them off.

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