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Phinal Phantom Phly out Wittmund Germany

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Tony Lowndes
Phinal Phantom Phly out Wittmund Germany

Do any of the European/Germany members know what the details are for this event at Wittmund on the 28/29th June 2013?

Please E-mail Tony Lowndes at

I have long since booked flights from Manchester to Hamburg as I aim to be there.



Guenter Scheuren
Flyout Wittmund Germany

I will get in touch with them and let you know, up till now nothing is published in the web!ut/p/c4/04_SB8K8xLLM9MSSzPy8...


Best regards Guenter

Thierry BEYL
Phlyout F-4F

Special web site pour the Phinal Day:

(Sorry, german language)

This week, the JG71 has repaint the 38+33 with the Norm81 scheme after the 38+10 with the Norm72. The next will be the first built F-4F, still in service (!) : the 37+01 will be repaint with a special scheme (secret at this time).

For my part, despite the distance (900kms), I will be there.



Guenter Scheuren

Just spoke to the press officer and he mentioned offical data will be available within the next 14 days, here some upfront info

- spotter day at Friday  28 June (registration required)

- pharewell open day Saturday 28 June, they expect approx. 130k visitors so be an early bird for taking photos


keep you posted or check the link above.

In case of questions let me know, I`ll try to help.

Have a nice start into a new week



Guenter Scheuren
Douglas Hulsey

Live in Bonn, will be there for Farewell at Wittmund,  flew with 20th FS at Holloman.  Looking fwd to it!

Guenter Scheuren

homepage is updated

have a look!



Germany GAF F4F Phantoms

I was told by a friend, Captain Gerd Hess, retired GAF that he was invited to attend the final flight of the F4F in June 2013. No details but they did not renew their GE J79 TIGERS contract through FMS stating their last flight of the Phantom will be in June 2013. I know they have tons of spare parts some new but in acccordance with the State Department all that must be destroyed if they do not get permission to sell any of it through the US State Department and that requires a license. No one wants those parts to fall into the wrong hands. Most other Countries will fly their Phantoms for another 6 to 10 years and I will remain to support their technical needs. 64.5 and counting! But having fun.

Phantom Pharewell

Expecting some 60 display aircraft, jets, heavies, props and legacy. Probably also a Me 109 and Me 262 flying! PM go will be a four ship Phantoms flying and a 2 ship Eurofighters to mark the Phly Out of the Mighty Old and the Fly In of the new fighter type...  


Any chance of finding out how to buy non use parts? ie; cockpit items.

Han Lohuis
The Last Phantom Phantom Pharewell

A nice tribute to a great fighter plane.


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