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Save a Phantom Petition

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Kevin Kennedy
Save a Phantom Petition

Not sure if anyone has already seen this or not, but there currently is an official petition to save F-4 Phantom II, #66-7668. Check it out.

Here is the link if anyone is interested:

Need those signatures...!





Kevin Kennedy
Petition Update

Only 31 more signatures needed to reach 200!

Kevin Kennedy
Save The Phantom #66-7668

Well, a most outstanding attempt was put forth to save the above Phantom, but apparently it wasn't meant to be. She is scheduled to be scrapped. To all those that read my post, clicked the link, signed and supported #668, I thank you!

On behalf of the group that sponsored 'Save The Phantom' petition, I have submitted a small paragraph to remember this F-4 as well as a bit of #668's history (as was listed on the petition), which is now recorded on the AMARC Experience- Website. Please check it out when convenient.

Many may already know about or have already visited the AMARC Experience website. For those that haven't, please take a minute to check it out. It's definitely worth the look! For all our veterans and valued Phantom crews, your aircraft may very well be listed. The website offers the opportunity to all crews to locate their plane and record and share a paragraph with fellow service members, enthusiasts and supporters.

There is a database search page as well as a search window at the bottom of each page. Just type in the tail number of your respective aircraft. You will need to include the full tail number to locate your plane. Joe Baugher's, Aircraft Serial Numbers- website may come in handy. There is a US Navy/ USMC Bureau Numbers link available also. Another available option is, William Peake's  F-4 Phantom II Production and Operational Data book. A wonderful resource! Thank you Bill!

Hope I helped and didn't overstep or offend. Appreciate everyone's attention here and the continued effort to always remember the Phantom as well as all of our rich military aircraft history.

All the best,






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