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Tactical manual

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Tactical manual

Hello, looking for a tactical manual for the F-4 for different load outs that they would have used in Vietnam. Primarily aircraft that flew in Vietnam, so the B model on onward. I have no idea of what the manual was, as I was with A-6E and KA-6D, P-3C with about eight different modifications, and KC/C-130T. Our tactical manual was different for the A-6 and P-3. So the F-4 would be different as well.. Trying for a NavAir manual but an Air Force T.O. would also work for me. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Also if anyone has information on the two round 5" zuni pods and their mounting where the sidewinder went would be great. Trying to find out if you could look both the Zuni pod and sidewinder. Either Zuni pods on the port side and sidewinder on the starboard side. Thanks for any information.

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