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Ubon 72-73 Wolf FAC

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PACAF Phantom Phixer
Ubon 72-73 Wolf FAC

Seeking info on external stores/weapons payload for fast FAC missions flown out of Ubon in the 72-73 timeframe.

This for a scale model build I am doing to honor the crew of the last USAF F-4E combat loss. On 16 Jun 73, 67-0374 with Capt Cornelius and Capt Smallwood, 336TFS, was downed by enemy fire while on a Wolf FAC mission.

My mission is to build it out as accurate as possible. If I had to guess I would say that a possible Wolf FAC load would be;

2 x LAU-3 rocket launchers on the inboard wing pylons.

20mm gun pod on the centerline.

2x AIM-7 in the aft stations.

ALQ-87 pod on the right fwd station.

370 tanks on the wings.

Any help I can get on this is very much appreciated.



Phantom Phixer 79-90 F-4E/G WCS


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