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UK Flying training and flying the F4M (FGR-2)

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UK Flying training and flying the F4M (FGR-2)

HI from the UK.

I flew the F4M which was designated Phantom FGR2 in the RAF. FGR meant Fighter, Ground attack and reconnaissance Mk2. 

I served on No 29(F) Squadron, which was a UK Air Defence unit. 

I recently decided to write a blog about my avaiation career whch spanned 40 years of Air Force and Airline flying. Members here might be interested in the areas dealing with the unique version of the F4 which was powered by RR Spey engines rather than the J79. Anyway, it's at

I hope it's of interest.




The sound of the BLC cycling at low altitude.

As the 20th century passed in review I no longer heard Phantoms flying over my sisters house low to fly demonstrations over Selfridge AFB on holidays. The UK Phantom with it's afterburning fanjet must have had it's own sound. 

UK Flying training and flying the F4M (FGR-2)

Hi Pete,
I'm new to this site and also a Brit.
The first thing that caught my eye here is your blog about your extensive career ref:UK Flying training and flying the F4M (FGR-2.
This is a compelling read that I very much enjoyed. I am probably about 4 years your junior and am the son of a cold war serving RAF officer. I was brought up around military aviation and the enthusiasm has stuck.
I too have a great fondness for the F4 Phantom but from a very different perspective.
While reading about your career it is evident that before you started your flying career you had the burning desire and commitment to one day pilot the Phantom. Boy you must be so proud of your achievments and I have to say as I read on I felt a little bit like I was living it with you as it was so well crafted.

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