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VF-96 F-4s / specific 153074

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Coert Van Breda
VF-96 F-4s / specific 153074

hello all !!

I've noticed that during the Vietnam War some F-4s of VF-96 (operating from USS Constellation) have a silhouette of a MIG on the vertical stabilizer.

My first thought was it had something to do with scoring a MIG-kill.

But I started to doubt, as I also saw flags painted on the splitter on aircraft of VF-96 that scored a MIG-kill.

Beside that, I saw this silhouette painted on F-4 153074, currently on display at NAES Lakehurst, NJ.

However, this F-4 scored no kill against a MIG.

So, why was this silhouette painted ?

Was it painted on all F-4s, or really only on MIG-killers ?

On the 153074 also 10 flags are painted on the splitter (depicting all air-to-air kills against NVA MIGs by VF-96 crew), so it might be that the silhouet is just decorative.

Any input is highly appreciated.





Kelly c Tyre
mig kill

mabe its a mark of an (un-confirmed kill)

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