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VMFA-122 Crusaders 1981-1983

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VMFA-122 Crusaders 1981-1983

These are some pics from my time with the F-4S out of MCAS Beaufort, SC.

Hello There, Marine

I was with the Crusaders after their return from Chu Lai, at K-Bay, for 16 months.  We had a flock of clapped out B models, and a few good ones stolen from the Navy.  My bird was 150441, and she was a mess when I got hold of her.  After much work, we finally got her flying.  I named her "Thunderpig", which put smiles on the few of us in the squadron.  I understand we are no longer the Crusaders, the name has been changed to be more politically correct.  Just thinking about the old days brings up some fond memories, and a few skinned knuckles and sliced skin.  Hope all is going well with you,

Former Cpl Robert Miller

VMFA-122 71-72

Michael Schofield

I remember the "Crusaders" well. I belonged to VMFA-115 Sreaming Eagles, later the Silver Eagles. I was thinking about your skinned knuckles, and sliced skin, How about the notorious bleed air door bites on your split open a couple of times, knowing damn well they were there. LOL

Another Phantom Phixer

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