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What block of Phantom is this???

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What block of Phantom is this???

So... if an F-4E has Agile Eagle, AN/APR-36 RHAW, the MIDAS-4 gun port, no TISEO, carries AIM-7E-2s and AIM-9Js, but also has the DAMAS system and AN/ALE-44 chaff countermeasure dispensers, as well as firing Mavericks... what kind of franken-phantom does it make that?

Spooky 4E
Are you referring to the game

Are you referring to the game I'm thinking of? I'm shooting in the dark here, but that sounds like exactly what I'm thinking of.

Short answer: Practically all phantoms up to ARN-101 standards should have a TISEO unless it's an extreme exception, to my knowledge. 

If you're referring to that game. I wouldn't bother too much with it. They turned the F-4E into a composite of old and new with very late features such as CCRP and CCIP occuring around '79 and the mid-to-early 80's while also making the plane not have a TISEO pod as if the plane was made in the early 70's

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