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whereabouts F-4C 63-7513

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Coert Van Breda
whereabouts F-4C 63-7513

I'm looking for information on the whereabouts of above-mentioned F-4C.

Last info I found - dating back to 2010 - she was at Gulfport-Biloxi Airport, Mississippi / ANG Combat Readiness Training Center.

I contacted the ANG CRTC, but although they did remember her, unfortunately they could not tell me whether she was still there, or had moved.Tried to locate her on google maps, but unfortunately no luck. Does anybody where she is currently ?Is she still at the CRTC or has she moved (and if the latter, where to) ? any feedback is welcome. thanksCoert  


 Mac air shipment 0526/0108. Nov. 1987. Attritoin- retirement.Write off cause WFU.Withdrawn from use. Dispotion-.

 Unit/Retirement location Gulf Port,MS/ . BDR. battle damage repair.


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